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Meet Sandy

creator - yoga instructor - wine enthuisast

Sandy Neher, the creator of Yoga Luv Handles used to live in the hustle and bustle of the busy city in Metro Vancouver before deciding to move to the calm and serene lakeside of Lac La Hache.  Here is where she gets to sit on the lakeside and sip good wine while letting her soul breathe in all the beauty of life and out all the business that life brings.

Here is also where she has created her own studio to hold her 'gentle' yoga classes.  A place where yoga means the ability to stretch your soul regardless of your shape and size.  Where the goal of the class is not to see how far you can stretch but how you feel when you get there.  It is not about being good at something, it's about being good to yourself.

Thus why Sandy created Yoga Luv Handles.  A 'gentle' yoga intended for all shapes and sizes. A yoga intended for all skill levels but with focus on a slower, gentler pace.  A perfect place for beginners.  It is not a requirement you can turn into a "pretzel,"  however, those that can are welcome.  Just know that we are not in the pretzel making business, we are in the Yoga Luv Handles business.

Sandy was unlike most who decide to enroll in their first yoga class.  She went beyond just 'dropping in' for her first class and signed up for yoga teacher training instead.  Being the 'Scorpio' that she is, she was driven and determined to fill the yoga void and spread her ambitions of creating a 'gentle yoga'.

"Yoga Luv Handles is a place to come and feel, not accomplish. 
It is where we shift our focus to our breath and our body and let our hearts grow."
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